Kabocha won Kusama Auction #38!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the crowdloan and supported it!

Step 1 complete. The process continues.


What is the Crowdloan Cap?

The cap is set at 25k KSM, but we anticipate the possibility of winning an auction before the cap is met.

How much of the KAB supply is for crowdloan rewards?

4.9% of the KAB supply is for crowdloan rewards, this is estimated to be 3.1m KAB.

Why is 3.1m KAB only an estimate and not concretely known?

Because the exact distribution of KAB will be known on the Snapshot Date, which is 14 days after an auction win.

What is the Snapshot Date?

The Snapshot Date is the time at which we take a snapshot of Edgeware's distribution. Given that Kabocha is spawned from Edgeware, we will be "persisting" 100% of the EDG distribution (minus the treasury). We replaced the treasury for Kabocha crowdloan rewards and maintenance fund. 4.9% of the EDG supply is earmarked for crowdloan participants, this could turn out to be valuable amount of KAB in relation to the accounts that receive KAB by holding EDG.

If I hold EDG and contribute to the crowdloan, will I receive KAB for both?

Yes. It doesn't matter if you use the same wallet or two different wallets, you will not lose on receiving KAB for either route.

What is a Seed?

Seeds are central to the governance of Kabocha, representing evolving roles, rights and reputation in the network and future Publiks. Seeds are unique, non-transferable assets that grow based on continuing contributions to the project. They will define how you build identity, your voting power and access within future Publik domains. There is no limit to the number of Seeds and uniqueness will not be defined by a predefined algorithm, but by the continuing contributions of the owner.

Seeds can be earned through a number of different routes that all relate to participation in the network - contributing KSM in the crowdloan is one way, putting forward a proposal or voting on governance proposals are others.
The type and consistency of the contribution will determine the emergent logic of how Seeds germinate and grow.

Are Seeds transferable?

Seeds are not transferable, just like you cannot transfer your passport, drivers licence or credit file to someone else. They are valuable but not to be sold. The Seed represents roles, duties and responsibilities, mandates, testimonies, vows, and identity. However, they can unlock other assets, votes and duties that can be transferable. This is a work in progress, and the experiment will unfold as we go.

What is an Initial Testimony?

One of our core values is sovereignty. As part of our research of jurisdiction of law, we have started to build within a jurisdiction that values your sovereignty and enables you to function in with highest possible status and standing. This is just the beginning of an ambitious goal to create a new system from the absolute foundation of canonical law.

An Initial Testimony is part of your Initial Member Record. Think of this as an initiation to a club, but instead of a private club, this club it is public jurisdiction that empowers human beings and respects their rights as living breathing (human) life forms. It is a testament of sovereignty, and a vow of honour. It is not asking anything of you accept to affirm your freedom and vow to be in honour and good faith, among the most primordial of laws. Kabocha as a Network Public is working on building sovereign infrastructure and that includes building on jurisdiction that are not in the old realm. In due course, you will be able to increase the weight and substance of your Membership, and receive greater roles, rights and responsibilities in the governance and administration of Kabocha. Once you have agreed to the Initial Testimony, then you will receive a Kabocha Seed in its initial state. The state (visual representation) of the Seed will represent your level of membership.

What is Kabocha?

Kabocha is a holistic self-evolving community parachain project spawned from Edgeware, accelerating founders, creators and teams building new public infrastructure. A decentralised community experiencing itself.
We're creating a different reality, a new way of collaborating and sharing value.

How do I contribute to the crowdloan?

To contribute to a campaign on-chain, a user must send a special transaction designed for crowdloans that references the parachain's specific index. This ensures that you are contributing to an official crowdloan campaign. You will never contribute to a campaign by transferring DOT or KSM to an address. The user's DOT or KSM is then moved into the module-controlled account.

What is a Crowdloan?

The word is confusing. A Crowdloan is not a loan, it is way of locking your KSM coins in order to vote for parachain to successfully win a slot in the network.
Find out more about them in the Polkadot docs.